Saturday, January 2, 2010

Blog Award:)

I was going back through old posts and realized I never finished this award. It is the Honest Scrap Award. I was given it by Cathy at Word Vessel. I have to list 10 things about me:) So I will be posting about it now. I have never done one of these before so here goes:)
1.I am a big fan of candles:) I love pretty much any scents but I especially love evergreen and baking or coffee scents.
2.I play a little bit of violin.
3.I am a home-girl:) Not much for traveling.
4.I love cooking. I also bake but cooking is my joy.
5.I am a big fan of Anne of Green Gables:) Always loved it.
6.I love reading. Mainly Christian historical or biographies. I also like reading about the Civil War.
7. I enjoy finding giveaways. If you couldn't figure out by now:)
8. I also like gardening.
9. And I like flavored coffee:D Only if it is flavored or I can put flavored creamer in it.
and lastly!!!
10. I love Log Cabins!!!! I sooo want one when I get married.
Well, now you all know some things about me me you might have not known. I am now am passing this award on to some other bloggers. I don't know if I have 10 to pass it on to but I will give it to the ones I know:)
I am giving it to....
Shelly @
Karen @
Lynette @
Shirley @
Patty @
Ausjenny @
Peg @
Abi @
And that is all I have right now:) These ladies are one who I check their blogs pretty much every day. Either with good giveaways, reviews or just plain fun blogging posts:) Make sure you check out their blogs and maybe add them to your blog list.
Thanks everyone!!!


Coupon Teacher said...

Thanks so much! I am glad you enjoy my blog!

Karen Lange said...

Thank you so much Charity! I'm honored and very flattered that you chose me as a winner:) Looking forward to checking out the other winners' blogs. Thanks for being a faithful follower of my blog too.
Thanks and blessings,

Lynette said...

Charity thank you! I will be thrilled to share this award as soon as I am up and moving again. I pray that will be tomorrow. I hate being ill. Your so nice to share this with me. YIPEE!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love winning stuff! Thank you so much Charity for enjoying my blog as you do. And thank you for including me in your list. What a special surprise for a Monday morning when I am drinking my coffee and trying to wake up.
Am I supposed to do anything? Just let me know.

Your blog is really cute, by the way. May this 2010 be outstanding for you.
at A Pen for Your Thoughts.

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