Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fashion Playtes Giveaway

I have blogged about this giveaway site before but she has another neat giveaway with minimal entries. She actually has several giveaways going on right now but this one is really nice. If you have a little girl or a granddaughter, this would be great! Fashion Playtes is a childrens design site. They have capes, denim jackets, dresses, etc and you basically design the color, fringe, ribbon, etc on your clothing. This is soo neat!! And this giveaway is for a $50 gift certificate. If you are careful, you could even get 2 items from them!! Believe me, any little girl would love an item from here:) So head over to At The Fence and get in your entries. Ends 1/20.


Karen Lange said...

Thanks so much for this info, and for the Starbucks info too:)

Charity said...

You are welcome Karen:) Hope you win something!!

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