Saturday, March 13, 2010

CSN Apron Review

I recently received a really pretty apron from CSN to review. This is the same apron I was able to give away last month in a child’s size. The first thing I noticed about this apron was it’s durability. It is a very strong material which does not feel like it will tear easily. I have not used it for that long but it feels very nice. The next thing I noticed was the print. Talk about pretty!! It has very nice colors and the floral print really stands out. At first I thought it looked too bright for me as I am more a subtle, calm, color person, but it grows on you. The ties are an added bonus. It is not just a one size neck piece but it is ties that you can do any length. So I could use it and my younger siblings can use it too. Very nice! I will definitely be using this in years to come. If you are interested in buying one yourself, check out They are very cheap for the product you get. I was surprised at how in-expensive they were. They would make a great gift for a daughter, wife or sister!! Thank you so much CSN!!

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