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Interview with Elizabeth Goddard and Book Giveaway!

Today we are blessed to have Elizabeth Goddard with us. She has 5 books releasing this year and has been so sweet to offer a copy of her book, Disarming Andi, to one of my blog readers today!! So please comment at the end to be entered in the giveaway. Now for the interview:)

Thanks so much for being with us today Elizabeth!
When did you first realize you wanted to be an author? That was an on-going battle for many years. I knew I wanted to be an author at least twenty years ago, but did I want to pursue it or if I pursued it, would it amount to anything? As I look back now, it’s hard to believe I wasted years in fear, doing nothing at all. Finally, after running from God and His call to write for at least five years, I went to my first writers’ conference looking for the answer to this question: Had God called me to write? Really? By the time I met with DiAnn Mills at that conference (ACW) I already had my answer. She invited me to join what was then American Christian Romance Writers (ACFW) in 2001, and I began writing and submitting.

Where do you get the ideas for your stories? Everywhere! Most of the times, a setting will catch my attention so I pay close attention to settings. I subscribe to Wired Magazine for topics and National Geographic’s Adventure Magazine for places.

Are you a regimented writer or do you just write when the urge hits? If you’re going to be a professional writer, you can’t wait for the urge to hit. This previous year I’ve had back to back books deadlines and I couldn’t afford to wait until I was inspired. But what I’ve found is that by sitting at the laptop every day and the simple act of just “starting” that first sentence, I stir up that inspiration and the words will come.

What place would you love to go for a vacation? Somewhere you have gone before or a place you have never been to? One of my favorite places in the world is Yellowstone National Park. It’s consider a wonder of the world (not the seven wonders) with the beauty of the geophysical activity, the geysers, etc., I would also love to do some foreign travel—Scotland or Greece.

What one event would you have loved to have been at? Historical or future. Love this question! I would love to have been with the astronauts when they stepped onto the moon. How’s that for an event? LOL

Do you have an author or someone you look up to? Someone you can go to with questions, etc. That’s the wonder of joining a group like ACFW. I have several dear writer friends who are amazing writers and I look up to all of them. Some of my closest writing buddies are Lisa Harris, Deborah Vogts, Shannon McNear, Lynette Sowell, Debby Mayne, and the list goes on. I hope I didn’t forget anyone! They’re there for me with encouragement and to offer advice and direction.

Thanks so much for stopping by Beth! I don't know about my blog readers but it is very interesting for me to get to find out more about the author's whose works I read. Again, one of you is going to win a copy of her book, Disarming Andi, so comment below:)

Vance Young inherits a missile launch site—a relic from the cold war buried beneath the plains of North Dakota—from his great-uncle, a man he never knew.An astronomy fanatic, Vance needs free access to the night skies, so he doesn’t consider staying in the underground dwelling until he meets the woman responsible for remodeling it into a lavish home.

Upon meeting the late Vance Erickson’s namesake, Andi Nielsen may have just gotten her second chance to discover what her grandfather hid inside the old missile base decades before, when he served as a missileer. Is she prepared to detonate her growing feelings for the new owner in order to find the hidden treasure? When Vance remotely discovers a cybercrime involving his classified software, can he solve the crime and keep the woman he loves safe?

This giveaway will end next Monday(the 29th of March). Winner will be chosen through They will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.


Casey said...

I would love to read this book, please enter me!


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Your book sounds great. I have been reading many good reviews about it.

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I really enjoyed reading the interview! The books sounds great!
Please enter me! :)

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Bill ;-)

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Great Review! I'd love to read it!
This sounds great! Saying Hi from ThePRPlace! Stop in and say hi at Scraps of Life! I am following your blog!!! @susieqtpies

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I love the cover of your book! It sounds Great! Would love to have it!
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Sounds like a very interesting book! I love to read, and sitting down with a good Christian fiction feels like the best of both worlds! :)

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This looks like a good book!

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I always love to hear about good books. Thanks!

Rachael @ Empowering Mommy said...

Thanks for sharing this new author with us. I have never heard of her before but will be on the lookout for this book. Thanks!

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I would love to read this book.

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I love love inspired books. Thanks

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