Monday, March 29, 2010

Interview with K. Dawn Byrd and T-Shirt Giveaway!!

Hello everyone! Today we have an interview with K. Dawn Byrd. She has 2 books coming out this year and her first one will release on April 1st!! She has offered one of my readers a large t-shirt with the cover of her new book on the front! So please make sure to enter after reading the interview:)

Thanks so much for being with us today!

How long have you known you wanted to be a writer?
I've always been a reader and even though I loved college English class, I never imagined that I'd one day be a writer. The most memorable events of my childhood include books. I really didn't set out to be a writer. It just happened and now I'm so passionate about it that I can't imagine not writing.
Do you have someone you look up to? Maybe another author? Or a relative?
I look up to my mother and father-in-law. They're amazing people who are so giving and self-sacrificing. They've always been such excellent role models and I love them more than words can say.
Do you have a favorite place? A vacation spot, or somewhere you always wanted to go?
My favorite vacation spot is Myrtle Beach, SC. We visit at least once a year, sometimes twice if we're lucky. My husband plays golf while I sit on the balcony and write while listening to the waves crash into the shore. Every afternoon, we go shopping and out to eat. It's the perfect vacation.

It sounds like a great place! Also relaxing:)

Is there something about you most people would be surprised to know? A secret hobby or embarassing moment?
I used to ride a Harley Davidson, but sold it because there's only so much time in the day and I'd rather be writing.
What one event would you have loved to been at? Either historical or future?
That's a hard one to answer. Since I'm a history buff, I'd have to say the signing of the Declaration of Independence.
And any last thoughts for your readers?
I have two books coming out through Desert Breeze Publishing this year. The first, Queen of Hearts, will release on April 1.

Thank you again!! It was a blessing having you here:)
Now, here is your chance to win a t-shirt with the book cover on it. Remember, it is a size large.
Please comment as to why you like mystery/suspense books:) That will be your entry in the contest.
The giveaway will end next Monday. Winner will be chosen through


Abi said...

I like mysteries in the fact that I try to figure out the mystery before the author reveals it. thanks

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

JoChickenlady said...

It is just a great way to escape the drama of everyday life!

Lucie said...

I like a good mystery because I like trying to figure it out before the characters in the story do! It's fun!! Also, like any good book, it takes you away for a little while - kind of like a mini-vacation! Thank you for the interview.

My addy is lucieluvsca at yahoo dot com


p.s. thank you for stopping by my blog as well!

Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith said...

I love a good mystery. I am a follower.

Bill ;-)

billsmith2003 (at) gmail (dot) com

Hope you'll check out my book giveaway:

K. Dawn Byrd said...

Thanks to everyone for your comments. I try my best to throw the readers a zinger in my books. I don't like reading predictable books. I like to read those that take an unexpected twist and that's what I write.

Trinity Rose said...

I love mysteries because you never know what will happen next. I also like to try and figure out who did it.
That's my favorite type of book.
Thanks for the giveaway.
Trinity Rose

wandaelaine at gmail dot com

bookaholic said...

I like mystery books because of the suspense it exudes! Also,I hate predictable reads. Mystery books always succeed to surprise me,which is another plus! Such books also give me a scope to imagine-I think I am the detective and I try to figure out the criminal/the ending! And that is so interesting!!

Please enter me for the giveaway :)

~Shelley~ said...

I LOVE a good mystery book. I get so engrossed, that it helps me forget about my sometimes hectic life, even for a little while :) I love trying to figure out the ending...and then being surprised when I was wrong!! LOL!

mdlangmead @ gmail dot com

Frugal Science Gal said...

I like mysteries because I can't put the book down! :-)

Night Owl Mama said...

Mystery books are so great! Keeping me in suspense and keeping me reading is a great book that you don't want to put down.

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