Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lovely Chocolate Milk!! My Review of Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk

I am sure you all remember the giveaway I had last month for the Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk. Well, I was sent some coupons to try their product for free. Here is what I thought about it:)

I have to admit, I came into it with a kind of bias. I have always heard about how organic milk tastes funny and Mothers are always making their children drink it to be healthy. So, I wasn't sure how much I would like it. But I was willing to try it! And am I glad I did!!!

First off, I really like how their nutrients and ingredients are all over the carton. It shows they have nothing to hide about what is in their product. They are very open about the healthy nutrients in this milk. And they have every right to shout out about what they have!

Secondly, the taste!!! It was very good! I was sent 2 coupons to try it for free and then 2 coupons for 1.50 off. I tried 2 cartons. Well, I tried one carton and totally finished it off so I went for the next one:) I gave the 2 coupons for money off to 2 friends. One friend always drinks the Soymilk. The other one has never tried any of the Organic or Soy milks. I wanted to test and see what they thought about this milk. Needless to say, both families loved it! Especially as of it is chocolate:) They didn't have to urge their children to drink it or make them try it. My first carton was gone within a day or two. I do have to say, I noticed a little bit of an aftertaste but I am guessing that may be normal in Organic milk and I just haven't had Organic milk before so I wouldn't be used to it. It definitely didn't stop me from drinking it.

I would surely try this product. It is healthy for you and tastes very good. Your children will love it and you don't have to worry about what they are drinking. So go to your nearest grocery store and grab a carton of it!! You won't regret it:)

I was provided with coupons for free product from Horizon. All opinions are my own.
I recieved this review partly from Horizon and partly from The Product Review Place.

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