Thursday, July 29, 2010

Interview with Brenda Lott AKA Maggie Brendan!!

Hi Brenda,
Thanks for being with us today!
Can you tell me when you started writing Christian novels?

I’ve always wanted to write. I wrote my first book when I was in the third grade and another one in the fifth grade. But in 2004 after taking the Bible study, Write His Answer, at my church, I knew that God spoke to me through that study to dedicate my writing to inspirational novels. I started to finish the novel I was working on that had been tucked away in a desk drawer at my brother’s suggestion. I’m so glad that I did now.

Can you tell me a little about your newest book?

A Love of Her Own is the story of April McBride from my first book, No Place for a Lady. She’s a fine horsewoman but spoiled and self-centered. She’s always had everything she ever wanted except true love. When she travels to Montana to attend her brother’s wedding, she gets more than she bargains for after meeting horse trainer, Wes Owen. They couldn’t be more opposite, except for their love of horses. April has always relied on her father’s money, her beauty and intelligence but has never tapped into the true source of a higher power. She finds out that love based on grace pays no favorites. April’s character grows in ways that create a true self-worth and love for others in April.

When a reader gets done with your book, what do you want them to come away with?

I like the reader to know that God loves us right where we are in our humanness, in spite of our weaknesses and flaws. We make mistakes, we put ourselves before others, say things we don’t mean, etc. but, we can change then grow to become be the best we can be if we allow God to guide our lives.

Is there someplace you have always wanted to go?

Yes, I’d like to visit Ireland. My maiden name was O’Neal, so I’m a little bit Irish. It’d be a great place to go.

Any thoughts for aspiring writers?

Never give up your dream of writing! Mine started at an early age, then I married and raised my children. But writing was always in my heart and on my mind. I wrote off and on through the years, but it finally clicked somehow that this wasn’t going to happen unless I did something about it beside dream. Writing is work and it’s a job, so you have to treat it as such, but a there’s a lot of pleasure in seeing your book published, holding your book in your hands, then have readers tell you how much they enjoyed your stories. That is worth all the work that you put into it! With perseverance, your dream can become real. Just do it and stop wasting time on things that don’t really matter!

And any last thoughts for your readers? Where can they connect with you?

Thanks for having me, Charity. I’d like to thank all the readers who’ve contacted me. Every email or handwritten note is precious to me and makes me continue to work hard to come up with another story they’ll enjoy. You can find me at and I’m working on a creating a website. I’m also a resident blogger at

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