Friday, July 9, 2010

Venetian Mask Site Review.

Hey everyone,
I recently had the privilege of checking out this website called 1001 Venetian I have never really looked at these before but I have to say it was very interesting:) I am sure some of you are saying, what is so interesting about a mask? But hang with me and look at what I found.

"We founded with a simple goal - to share the beauty of the ancient tradition of Venetian masquerade masks with our customers. Our goal is to provide the largest selection of the highest quality venetian masks on the web."

I was amazed at what I saw!! These are basically masks for like carnivals, masquerades, etc. Back in the late 1800's to early 1900's it was very common to have masquerade parties and these are what many of the ladies would use to cover their face. Remember reading about the masquerade parties and the ladies would have the big ball gowns and the masks? This is what these venetian masks are. Basically a tradition:)

Now one of the first ones I clicked on was the animals. I am quite an animal lover and the cat masks are very neat. Look at this one below.
One of the other types I found that were neat, were the Full Face Feather Masks. These are obviously full face masks with the feathers all around the sides and top. These were very interesting.
I also liked the Jolly Masks. They were quite different. They look like a court jester face mask:) I mean, look at this mask.If you are looking for a gag gift or a mask for a costume party or even a neat memento from a different time period, this is the place to look. It is even worth looking around to see different items.

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