Friday, August 13, 2010

My Review Of Surrender The Heart By MaryLu Tyndall.

I was sent a copy of this book from the author and I want to thank you MaryLu for sending me this. It was my pleasure to read this book. Now readers, I do not have a giveaway with this. But please, look for this book at your local bookstore or even purchase a copy from MaryLu herself on her website.

Below is a blurb about the book, Surrender the Heart. This is the first in the trilogy titled, Surrender to Destiny.

On the brink of the War of 1812, Marianne Denton must marry to unlock her inheritance. Without the money, her mother can’t receive medical care and her sister will be destitute. But Noah Brenin needs to sail his cargo to England before the war commences in order to prove his worth to his father and make enough money so he won’t have to marry at all.

But when Noah walks out on their engagement party, Marianne chases him down and ends up on his merchantman out at sea. The situation worsens when Noah’s ship encounters a British man-of-war and the couple are impressed into the British navy.

While a young lad’s prophecy of destiny looms over them both, Marianne and Noah are forced to face their darkest fears as they desperately try to find a way to escape and fulfill their destinies—destinies that could change the course of the war and history forever.

Now, does that sound neat or what! I really liked reading this book as it is the first time I have read anything by this author. Seems I am finding lots of new authors recently:) Her style of writing is refreshing and different.

The story starts with Marianne before the engagement to Noah is announced. You find out that her mother is ill and they are not the family in society that they used to be. All their servants have been let go and they have literally been starving so the party could be done in style. Then you see that Noah does not even want to be married to Marianne, who has the same feeling, and you have all the makings of a neat story!!

The parts I most enjoyed were the banter between the two of them. They obviously do not like each other, Noah having been quite the scamp when he was little and Marianne being the spoiled princess, but the sarcasm is great! It was quite funny too how Agnes keeps telling Marianne that Noah is a good man but for some reason he is trying to play the part of a dictator. And Daniel was too cute! Very innocent and childlike. He was one of my favorites. So like a prophet and yet so like a child.

This book has some thought provoking parts. Do we all really have a destiny? I think MaryLu does a great job explaining these things. I will be on the lookout for her next book in this series. Thank you MaryLu for an excellent book!!

I did receive a complimentary copy for review from the author. I did not receive any monetary compensation.

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