Sunday, October 24, 2010


Well, this is the final list. I have made some changes to ones who had already said they would participate as they have not responded to my emails and I have not gotten the product they said they were sending. So, sadly, I will be taking them off my list. If something comes up and I do get the product, then we will just add them back in, but until then, I have removed them from the list. I do have some others that I am adding to the list. Some of them I have not received the product yet but they are still in contact with me. So I am adding them in good faith that I will get the review product and giveaway. Now, tomorrow I will be posting those lovely people who got extra entries before the event even started. I will be listing their names and how many entries they got. One person has done pretty much everything she could and I really appreciate her. You know who you are:) Thank you! Now, on to the list.

Food and Kitchen items.
1.Community Coffee. Offering a Taste of the Holidays Gift Basket w/Holiday Tumbler.
2.Green Mountain Coffee. Offering a Trio Sampler.
3.NutsOnline. Doing a review and giveaway with a Nut Sampler.
4.Fiesta and August Wendell Dishes. Review only.
5.Cocoa101-Review and 2 winner Giveaway with Sample product.
6.Lenox. Review & Giveaway with Holiday Gatherings Server.

Beauty and Misc. Items.
7.Fellowes. This is a review only of a Shredder.
8.Conair. They are offering an Infiniti Pro Blow Dryer. Also doing a review of this.
9.Frownies. Doing a review and a giveaway with Complexion Wash and Immune Perfect Cream.
10.Skin Authority. Doing a review and giveaway with GoClear Kit. 
11.Kiwi Shoe Care. Doing a review and giveaway with Winter Shoe Kit.
12.Photo Tips for Moms. This is an online site giving away a 1 year membership.
13.CozyCoverz. Review and giveaway with a Lambswool Micro Fur Throw Blanket
14.Avon. A rep is giving away a $20 GC along with free shipping.
15.Southern Magnolia Minerals. Review and $25 GC.
16.Life360. An online safety site doing review.
17.Bible Timeline. Doing a review and giveaway with the chart.
18.Scandle Candle. Doing a review only.
19.Mommy Makeover DVD Set. Doing a review and giveaway with one DVD.

20.Kinderbliss. I have a BBQ Burger T-Shirt they sent me to giveaway.
21.Tulle. This clothing place is offering me a $50 gift certificate to giveaway.
22.Just Jen. This is a review only. Doing a review and giveaway with a $30 gift certificate.
24.Girleo-Review and Giveaway.

25.Fantasy Jewelry Box. Any item up to $50 in their store. 
26.Charm Factory Bracelet. One of their already finished bracelets.
27.Novica. I have 2 $30 gift certificates to give away. I have this under jewelry but they have other things too.

Personalized Items. 
28.Custom Creations Unlimited. Offering a $75 gift certificate. 
29.Tukaiz Products. They are offering a free Desk Calendar but winner has to pay shipping. 
30.CafePress. They are going to be doing a review and giveaway with their Holiday Cards.  
31.Nature's Notebook. R&G with one of their 8x10 prints.
32. Leatherology. Review only of a Journal.
33. Rite-aid. R&G with photo items.

34.Best Pals. A review & giveaway with a Doll Kit. 
35.Aurora. Review with several products and winner's choice of product. 
36. Batting Gloves. Review & giveaway with a pair of Raykr gloves.

37.Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball. By Donita K. Paul. 
38. The Price of Trust. By Amanda Stephan.
39.Christmas Mail Order Brides. A novella being offered by Vickie McDonough.
40.Riverwalk Christmas. By Martha Rogers.
41.Mckenzie by Penny Zeller.
42.Sweet Pea, The Bumble Bee. R&G of book. 
43. AMAZON $50 Code.

If anyone has any questions, please ask. Thanks so much!!

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