Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Charlotte's Web

Guest post of the week by Moises Henderson

One our family's favorite things to do on Friday evenings is gather together in the living room with a big bowel of buttery popcorn, warm blankets and watch the animated movie Charlotte's Web. Based on the best selling book for children, Charlotte's Web follows the adventures of a farm pig named Wilbur, a lovely spider named Charlotte and the cast of mischievous, fun, and silly farm animals. Wilbur is a pig destined for his time in the smokehouse, just waiting to become the farm family's next delicious meal. However, a good natured, loving spider has other plans for the little pig and begins to help Wilbur overcome his fate as the next dinner plate, and rise to fame and stardom.

After sewing key words into her web about the pig Wilbur, the farm family uses the amazing feats to showcase their farm, solidifying their famous pig. Each time Wilbur begins to feel as though he is closer to the butcher block, Charlotte weaves another spectacular key phase about Wilbur with her glistening spider's web.

Soon the family enrolls their famous pig into the town fair, believing that Wilbur will win the big blue ribbon, and Wilbur and Charlotte embark on a wonderful adventure that has been imprinted in the hearts and minds f many Charlotte's Web fans.

Having the ability to watch Charlotte's Web on satellite TV from http://www.directstartv.com/directv_equipment/directv_receivers.html with my family is a time that brings us closer together. Where we can turn off our cell phones and computers and escape from the busy and hectic moments of our daily lives and just enjoy one another, becoming lost in the wonderful story of Charlotte's Web.

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