Friday, October 1, 2010

The Dead Rise First Blog Tour

I recently reviewed a book called The Dead Rise First by Alton Ragan and Robert McLaughlin. Now, this was my first time reading anything by these authors and I am going to be frank and honest in my review.

I really thought the plot was interesting and the mystery was good. The writing kept me in the book through to the end. But I almost quit about halfway through. And I may be odd, but to me a Christian book needs to be different from the secular novels. And to me, that means no swearing and curse words. I was pretty upset over this. Mainly because this is showing up in a lot of books recently. Why can't we write a book without using the worlds words? It makes no sense to me. So I will warn anyone who reads this book that I did not approve of the language.

Other than that, the book was fine and I liked the plot. The style of writing was good and interesting. I was really hoping for a book I would keep for a while and tell others about. I mean, what a storyline! But what was in this one will probably stop me from reading any other books written by these authors.

Thanks to LeAnn for sending me a copy of this book for review. Even after much trial of getting it:) Oh the fun of the post office.

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