Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hormel Gift Basket Review.

I am sure you all remember the Hormel, RecipeNut giveaway I had on here earlier this month. It was for a package full of Hormel products. Well, I got the same package for review!! I loved it! Hormel has many foods we use on a regular basis and this was a chance to try some of their different foods. I mean, what family doesn't love meat? Okay, okay, I know there are a few strange people out there who have not found the joy of eating meat, but most people like it.

The first thing we went through was the Bacon Bits. And I mean went through. They are GONE! We use these on our salads, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, anything you can think of:) They just add so much flavor to the food.

Something I received in this package that I had never tried before was mini pepperoni. I use pepperoni all the time when I make pizza quesadilla's. But these were mini pepperonis and I had never tried them before. They pretty much tasted the same as the normal pepperoni but I did notice just the smallest taste difference. I used these one time in my Pepperoni Quesadillas as filler because I didn't have enough regular pepperoni. I also am using these in my salads.

Overall, I was really impressed with the Hormel products. This was a nice package with good products. Any family could use these great items.

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