Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How to Have Fun and Play With Your Children Throughout the Day.

Hey everyone,
I am writing this as part of a fun campaign introduced by TwitterMoms and Hub. So, I am going to tell you all 10 ways to include fun and play with your children during the day. You know the old saying, all work and no play? Well, how about putting them both together!! It works grand and the children love it:)

1.Cooking and baking is one of our favorite times to get together and work while having fun. Children so love to get their hands in things and baking is a very easy way for them to do it while at the same time, teaching them some little duties about the kitchen. Personally, this is a wonderful time to talk while getting things done.

2.Mealtimes. You and your children can have real fun during mealtimes. Whether it is setting the table beforehand, yes I know it is a rare occasion that calls for setting the table but it is a great time to have with your children. Explain to them the way to set the table and make a game out of it. See who can get their part done first, who can fold the napkins faster:)

3.School. School can be fun? Yes it can!! There are lots of ways to incorporate fun into school time. And it will make the time go faster for the child along with helping them learn better. We love using food to count, make a little store where they can buy things to help them in their math. Even buy some candy and let them purchase it from you. It will go a long way in letting them have fun while learning.

4.Chores. Yes I know. That wonderful word, chores. So many times our children really want to help with chores but we want to get them done faster so we just let push them to the side. But if we let them help us, we can make a game out of it. Let them help sweep or wipe down the counters. We recently had a friend here with a young one. She loved helping with the dishes!! I washed and she rinsed. Sure some water got splashed around but she enjoyed it. It wasn't a chore to her:)

5.Dishes. I mentioned this a little bit in my last one but dished are a nice way to have fun. Even teach them where things go but let them put the dishes in. They will have fun putting the dishes away and stacking the cups, putting silverware away, etc.

6.Have a craft time. We love to sit down once a day and do crafts. It can be something small like making ice popsicles, paper kits, etc. There are soo many craft items out there, even if you are not skilled in something, explore and learn with the kids. It will make their day!

7.Recycle. In our area, we do the recycling. And we let the children get the change back from it. So they love getting the bottles ready, rinsing them out so they are clean and then packing them up to the store. It is fun, they get the change and it teaches them to recycle.

8.A bank and savings. Another way to have fun throughout the day is to teach your children savings and banking. I am talking piggy banks here:) Children love to play with money. Let them play and learn at the same time.

9.A garden. This is a wonderful way to get your children outside but working at the same time. They love to dig in the dirt and for some children, watching something they planted with their own hands sprout from the ground and then be used to eat or for a vase, is well worth the time spent outside.

10.Playing with siblings. This is an area that sometimes older children need help with. Help train your children to play together. Often the older ones just want to push little brother or sister off. This is a great area to work and play at the same time. Teach and play:)

If you have any other ideas about working and playing throughout the day, leave a comment and let me know. Thanks everyone for reading through this, I know it was long:)

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