Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Two Blog Giveaways I Have to Tell You About!!

Hey everyone, I am going to be posting a review, and an author interview/giveaway later but I had to tell you about these two things I found at other blogs.

The first one is for my book readers. OneDesertRose has been having a book giveaway over the past month. This is her last week and she would love to have more entries. The winner gets to choose 2 books from her list of 10!! There are some really good choices there too:) I have read most of them so I know. Anyways, hurry over because there are only two days left to enter.

The other interesting website I found is having a neat giveaway. She is participating in the Bake For the Cure contest. Now, in this contest the person who gets the most comments, wins a $500 giftcard to a kitchen store of their choice. So, if she wins this contest, she is giving away 2 gift cards to either Starbucks or McDonalds. But to enter in that giveaway, you have to comment on her Bake for the Cure posts:) So, please head over to At The Fence and comment on her posts.


Karen Lange said...

Thanks for this info! Have a great week:)

Terry said...

I am a new follower.

My Journey With Candida

Linda said...

Believe it or not, I have one more week after this one.

One Desert Rose

Anonymous said...


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