Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Visit to the State Fair

Guest Post by Kim Dwyer
Every couple of months or so I try to get together with my old college roommate, even though we live across the state from each other now. We just met up again last weekend at the state fair for a day of lots of rides and way too much greasy fattening food.
As soon as I saw the dates for the state fair I emailed her with my bundle clear internet and we decided that that would be our next fun meet up together. I thought this would be especially good because we would go to the state fair every year together in college and those were some of the most fun times we had together.
When we met up we got some of the scarier rides over with, like the ones that go every which a way and flip you upside down and in every other imagineable direction. But after all of that we got hungry and decided it was time to enjoy some state fair food. I have to say that that reminded me that I eating the food was always our favorite part.

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