Tuesday, November 2, 2010

10 Tips for New Moms Who Are Bringing A Baby Home!

Hi everyone,
I wanted to write a small post, okay, it might be a little bigger than I am thinking right now. But this post is basically ten tips for new moms who are bringing their little one home. We all could use some help and often someone has different ideas and we could all use some help in this:) So here goes. Please leave a comment if you have any other tips you can think of that I have not brought up. I will need the help as well.

1.Line up Family Members to bring food.
This will be a big help to the family. Moms are often tired out and their time is taken up with the new baby. And fathers are normally just as busy with work and trying to get everything settled. If you can get a list of either family members or friends who could make dinners for that first week, it will really take a load off the mother. Especially if the meal is big enough that there are leftovers for lunch, or a nice breakfast:)

2.Make other child an important part of greeting new baby.
This is something that I often see with parents bringing back a new baby. Normally any other children, especially little ones, feel left out. Even other relatives can feel this way. Try and have them help out in greeting the family as they come back and maybe have a welcome home meeting:) Nothing big but something small where they feel included.

3.Limit visitors the first couple days.
This is another help in keeping the mother rested. Don't let the mother feel too troubled. Many times visitors are nice but sometimes there are too many and new mothers are going to be tired so if we limit the visitors it will keep the strain off her.

4.Make sure car seat is purchased to bring baby home.
This is a biggie but is often overlooked. If there is no way to bring the new one home, we need to make sure everything is ready. The car seat, crib, blankets, etc.

5.Make sure you have someone who can watch the pets.
Often parents don't have the time during the first couple days to take care of a new baby and the pets. Whether a dog, cat, or birds. Get people lined up to watch the animals. Also helps to take the strain off the family.

6.Have the room ready before you head to the hospital.
Try to get everything ready before you head in. Not all men are capable of getting things ready or knowing what needs done. This will take all the guesswork out of it.

7.People lined up for help.
In the off case that something were to go wrong and you couldn't get home, make sure a family member or friend has a key to the house so they can get in. You don't want to leave the house for several days without someone being able to check it. Again, something simple but useful.

8.Have all information where it can be gotten easily.
This goes with the one above it, but if someone has to watch your children, take care of the house, etc. they are going to need information. Whether taking the garbage out, hospital numbers, etc, this all needs to be in a place easily accessed.

9.Read up on information you might need.
Bring those books about a new baby. It is always best to ask questions and read up if you don't know the answer to something. You can't go wrong with this solution. And have a friends # on hand who has had children before. Sometimes they have gone through a situation and can help out with any questions.

10.Take time for you.
This is one that is really needed. Take time to have a nice bath, relax and rest. You have just gone through a tough time, stress and tiring. Even if someone can watch the new one for a little while so you can sleep. Most of the time you will be up in the middle of the night feeding or nursing. Get your rest!!

Well, like I said, I am sure you all have some other tips for new moms. Please leave a comment if you have suggestions. We could all use the help:)

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Penny Zeller said...

This is a great post, Charity! Thank you for sharing it with us - very informative and helpful!

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