Tuesday, November 30, 2010

10 Tips for Stylish Layering Techniques for all Occasions.

Hi everyone,
I am a very big fan of Twitter Moms. They have lots of support groups, neat tips and really fun opportunities to work with companies. This is one of those times:) They are working together with Cuddl Duds to get more people aware of a great new look that is in style today. And that is layering. I love to do it and so I thought I would give it a try and let you all know some of my favorite tips on how to get this wonderful look. I am going to do 5 tips on how to layer and then 5 with my favorite pieces to layer. Just mix and match and see how you like it. This is definitely not a set pattern:)

1.Use Opposite Colors.
I know sometimes this does not work, but I like to do opposite colors with my layers. If I have a black top, layer it with a white undershirt or tank top. This gives a really nice look and even though they are complete opposites, they have a very refreshing style.

2.Layer Warmly.
Okay, we all know that winter is fast approaching, if not already arrived in some areas. Layering is a great way to get the warmth and still look stylish. I like to do a long sleeve undershirt with a short sleeve blouse. You have the warmth of the long sleeves along with the ease of the blouse.

3.Style Up or Down.
I use my layering to either dress up or down. I can have a dress blouse with a tank top underneath it and look very classy. Especially with the lace along the bottom. Or I can go with a country type look and have a plaid button up short sleeve shirt and a long sleeve cotton undershirt. You can go either way with layers.

4.Layer With Thought.
You all are probably saying, "well, duh!' But seriously think ahead to your day. Will you maybe need to change clothes later in the evening? Why not wear a layer where you can just take off the top piece? Or maybe you are working during the day and going to dinner in the evening on a date? Wear a layer that you can take off one or the other to dress up. This is such an easy way to change your look throughout the day.

5.Layer for Modesty.
This is one that is very dear to me. I am so tired of seeing women who bend over and the shirt comes up in the back to expose skin. I also like to have modesty at the neckline as well. Layering is a very easy way to take care of this problem. Normally an undershirt will not ride up like a blouse will. So this helps in the area of exposing your back. And I like the high top ones that cover my neck. This is also great for nursing mothers! You can easily stay covered if you are wearing layers.

Now here are some of my favorite pieces I like to use for layering. Like I said earlier, you can swap these around or maybe use one with something you have at home. These are just tips:)

6.Blouse w/Undershirt.
I normally do this for my everyday wear. Throw on an undershirt and then a blouse over it. It looks stylish and practical at the same time.

7.Blouse w/Tank Top.
I normally do this in the summer time. It is nice and cool and I can still have my layers. I have heard people say that this would get too hot in the summer but I have never had a problem before. It actually helps you stay cooler, depending on what material you are wearing.

8.Sweater w/Lace Tank.
I love wearing this layered look to Church or events. It is stylish with the lace and the sweater can either be dressy or casual. Some people call them cardigans and either one works. I also wear something like this on a day that I have to look dressy at first and then I am working after-wards. Like at a Church function where we have a meeting and then maybe I am serving food. I can wear the sweater first and then change into a blouse later.

9.Jacket w/Undershirt.
I like wearing hoodies or jackets with undershirts. Often I am on the go from the start so it is nice and easy to throw on an undershirt or tank and then put on my hoodie. It looks good while I don't have to get totally dressed either:P

10.Long Sleeve Undershirt w/Short Sleeve Blouse.
Now I mentioned this above but it is one of my favorite layered looks. Wearing a thermal undershirt, yes they even have pretty ones now, and then wearing a short sleeved top. Again, stylish and practical at the same time.

So, these are some of my tips for you. This is a great time to be layering and maybe this will help you get started. It really doesn't take much to look smart and be practical too:) Leave a comment if you have any tips you think I would be interested in hearing. I love to see what other people do and it helps me as well.

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