Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 Tips for Weaving the Hottest Runway Trends into Your Day-to-Day Looks.

Well, here I am again with another post working with Sears and Twitter Moms. You know how much I like Twitter Moms and all the fun opportunities that they have all the time. So you ask, what are you talking about this time? Well, this one is different for me. I am not one who is really into the fashion of today but I will be talking about how to get some of these looks and incorporate them into your daily fashions.

1.Go for a new hairstyle.
Have you noticed how often we let our hair go? Sometimes we just need that little nudge to look like we just came off the runway. Well, the hair is one way to do that! Yes, I know, just the little things:) I recently let my bangs grow out and it really changes my look. Everyone says I look younger than I am. Not exactly what I want but hey, it helps. Go ahead and strike out in a different direction with your hair. It just might be what you are looking for.

2.Check out the Fashion magazines.
Yep, you heard me right! Go look and see what is in fashion right now. I may not go for a lot of the styles or the fads but it helps when something I wear is what I know is in style at that time. Just like when skirts came back in style. I always wear skirts or dresses but it was kind of funny when they came in style. Sure they go out of style too, but it still helped.

3.Make Sure You Know Your Body Type.
This is something that all the style in the world can't help. If you know what your body shape is, then you can go from there and know what you are looking for. If I was pear shaped, I would know to go for that type of clothing. A blouse that may look good on one persons body isn't always going to look right on you. Take the time to research.

4.Shop At Discount Stores and Thrift Stores.
You would be amazed at the deals you can find at thrift stores. I have found really great pieces of clothing, that are still in style, for dirt cheap prices!! Someone has too many clothes so they dump a pile at the thrift store or consignment shop. You can really find great runway style pieces here.

5.Use Coupons and Deal Sites.
I often check out blogs or websites that list deals going on. This is a way to get those hottest items a lot cheaper than normal. And coupons are really good! You know those surveys on the backs of your receipts? They often get you a certain amount off a return to the store. These help so much to get your fashion pieces.

6.Make Sure of What You Have in Your Closet!
Okay, this is a big one for me. Go into your closet and write down what you have. A fairly simple outfit is a navy skirt and several blouses. When looking through those magazines, see if you have some of the pieces and then go shopping for the rest. But don't leave without...

7.Your Shopping List!
That's right, keep a list with you. If you go shopping and just pick out what you see, you often end up buying more than you want and things you don't need. So write that list down, stick to it, and shop around for those pieces:)

This is a really big thing out right now and I love to do it! I did it before it was popular but it is very easy to do with a skirt and blouse. Get some of those matching layers:) I love my tanks or camisoles over a blouse with just a ruffle or lace sticking out at the bottom. It is very feminine and looks great.

9.Check Out Your Friends.
Okay, this may sound funny, but you know that friend who always looks dressed right, never a wrong piece of clothing? Look at what they are wearing and follow their lead. Maybe even ask them for help. A true friend will be glad to help you with your fashion and style. And you never know what ideas they may come up with to help you get that runway look:)

10.Look on The Internet.
There are many sites where you can look at the new styles and there are even some clothing places where you can try on a look! Yep, that is right:) Go look around and surf the internet. You will be amazed at what you can find. So many fashion and style sites. And when you find a look you like, stick with that and look for more pieces in that style. If you like a peasant blouse, try to find more in that style but with different colors or maybe a different collar, etc. I like tailored things but they often don't fit right so I have learned to do without. But there are other pieces I can get which have the tailored look.

There is really no end of ways to get the hottest, new look. I could go on and on about the ways, but I don't want to keep you here forever:) But if you have a tip for me, please leave a comment. I am not one of those really fashion conscious people but I like to look my best.

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