Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 18 Holiday Shopping Event Scandle Candle

DAY 18

Okay, I know what the name sounds like. But wait a minute and check out this really neat candle! I was kind of leery when i first saw the name as my blog is for family friendly only items. I don't want something that a child can't read, or that I have to put an Adult only warning label on. So I went to their website and looked around before I opted to go ahead with this review. And I was glad I did:)

Scandle Candle is a candle that is also a lotion!! Check this out! When you light the candle and the was melts, you can take that wax and use it on your skin as a lotion. I couldn't wait to try this out. So, I was sent a Warm Vanilla Candle for review. And when I received the package in the mail, it came in an envelope, I could smell it without even opening it! The nicest vanilla smell was coming out of my envelope:D I couldn't wait to get it home and light it.

So, I opened the package and found this nice little tin inside. Can you guess the first thing I did? Yep, I got my matches and lit it right away. Now, after it was lit, I let it melt a little and then I so had to try out the lotion:D I stuck my finger in the oil (it wasn't really hot at all, only a little warm) and rubbed it into my hands. Oh my word!! This felt so nice! It was warm, very soft and made my skin feel so good. I am serious. I could not believe this candle.

Ladies, this is an excellent product for the holidays. They are not expensive, are 100% natural and would make a perfect gift! I would imagine they get a lot of orders over the Holidays as these are cute little gifts. And men, you know the ladies like candles and lotion, so why not buy a two in one? Overall, the only thing I would change about this would be the name. I know why they call it this but the only thing I did not care for it.

I received a sample product for review. I did not receive any monetary compensation. All thoughts are 100% mine.

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