Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ten Tips For Making Life Easier

Hi everyone, I am breaking my Holiday Event again but I just heard about this opportunity to work with TwitterMoms again. They want people to share ten tips on making your life easier. So, I am going to tell you mine and maybe you can share some of yours.

1.Have a schedule planned.
This makes life so much easier. When your day is planned out the day before, you can get through the day faster and not as hectic. This includes your meals, workout, etc. Plan the day before!! What you want to do, the meals, etc.

2.Arrange for certain people in the house to do certain things.
It takes stress and trouble off you if everyone has assigned chores. Make sure the children know what they are supposed to do, etc.

3.Don't be afraid to tell people no.
Sometimes we feel like we have obligations and like we can't tell people no. But we have to learn that sometimes we need to make life simpler and just say no.

4.Make sure things are done early.
If you are doing something the next day, make sure you are ready. Say you are going out shopping the next day, make sure the car has gas, your purse is ready, and the clothes are laid out the night before. This really does help!

5.Have a fun time.
So many times we get all caught up in what we are doing and get busy. Take time to slow down, have a fun time and play around with the children and hubby. Maybe schedule a game time, craft time with the kids or playing outside. You will feel the stress come off!

6.Get caught up on things so you can relax on the weekends.
Normally having free time on the weekends helps you rest up for the coming week. It is helpful, fun and restful. Take the time!! It will really help your week go better.

7.Get up early and have time to get ready for the day.
It is so nice to get up early and schedule your day. I take this time to read, exercise and get my outlook nice and ready. And it helps so much throughout the day.

8.Make sure everyone has their checkups.
A little bit of prevention will help in the long run. If everyone is slept up, taking vitamins and getting checked by the doctor, it will help your life go easier. And everyone knows that an apple a day keeps the doctor away:) Get those veggies and produce. Great for the family.

9.Have neighbors help out.
Sometimes it is nice to pitch in with neighbors and do things together. It takes some stress off of you and it helps both of you out. Drive together, take the kids places together, etc.

10.Pamper yourself.
I know this is often overlooked but you will feel so much better if you take some time for yourself. Get some spa items, maybe some chocolate and a good book:) Maybe even a candle or two!! This will really make you feel better and you will feel so rested.

So, there you have it. I have given ten tips on making your life easier. And like I said, leave a comment with your tip. We can all help each other in this:)

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Mystica said...

Nice posts. Very practical and possible.

Lisa Moore Gee said...

Great tips! I am here from this for that mclinky, I am following via gfc, plz follow back!

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