Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Sunrise Guest Post

Thanks for the post from Stan Atkins

On new year's eve my buddies and I have a little tradition of driving up to our alma mater and heading over to the astronomy building for a night out waiting for the first sunrise of the year.

It all started my freshman year when my dorm mate Julie and I took the elementary astronomy class to fulfill one of our general education requirements. Since it's the tallest building on campus, only the classrooms are locked and atop the building are telescopes, we decided to try to get a look at a meteor shower one night in December and during that night came up with the idea to catch the first sunrise of the year at the very same place. So that year our friends and anyone from our dorm who didn't go home or who easily could make the trek to campus spent new year's eve counting down the year from the rooftop and goofing around waiting for the sun to come up.

Over the years, the numbers have dwindled from that first group, but we've managed to get a core group going up there every year. It's a pretty laid back event. The one thing is that I always quadruple check to make sure that I set the home security alarm from before I go so that I don't have to spend like 7 hours worrying about whether I forgot to set it beforehand.

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