Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lipo in a Box Camisole Review

I I am a big fan of camisoles. With the blouses I wear, I normally wear a t-shirt underneath, partly for modesty's sake and partly because of the fashion of layering. Layering is a big thing right now and it is something I have done for a while. Now fashion is coming into style:) I just had it first! Just kidding, but really, I almost always wear them under my shirts. I have had two problems though in wearing t-shirts. One is that it gets hot during the summer. And the second thing is it adds bulk. But, I don't have to fear either of these any more! Not since I received this new product in the mail from Lipo in a Box! Now guys, you may not want to continue reading as this deals with a ladies item. Nothing adult but it is definitely ladies:)

I received the Black Camisole from Lipo in a Box. They carry lots of shapewear and I loved shopping through their store. I was able to pick something out from their store and because of the things I talked about above, I wanted to try out the camisole and see how it worked. Now, I had one problem with it, but I will talk about that after I tell you the things I liked about it, which far outweigh the bad.

The camisole came in a nice little package. I can put it back in here and it stays in good condition. When I first tried it on, right after it came in:) I liked how it fit. Not too tight but not loose. It is snug and pulls in at all the right spots. It is long enough that I could almost wear it as a short dress. I like that it is long though because I don't have to worry about it pulling up. The material is nice and breathable. I know, I know, you are saying, how does material breathe? But it does! I don't get hot or cold while wearing this! Works great! The bra part is the right size and I like the straps. They are nice and big. I have another shapewear piece that the straps are real thin. I love the size of these ones! I also washed this once and I was really impressed. Many of these types of garments tend to shrink or tear after being washed. Not with this one! It came back a little small but quickly stretched back to it's normal size.

The only thing I do not like about it is that it tends to pull up. Because there is nothing to keep it down, it comes up. I have a tight shaper for the bottom which helps greatly with this, but without it, I have problems keeping it where it belongs. Like I said, this is very small but it was enough I thought I would mention it. If you purchase this, then you need something tight enough to keep it from rolling up at the bottom.

Overall though I really liked this product and would love to try out some of the other items in their store. Judging by the quality of this camisole, they would be well worth the price.

I received product for review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation. All thoughts are 100% mine.

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mamabunny13 said...

It looks like a good product

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