Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Simple Changes for the Year Ahead.

Well, SocialMoms has been absent for a while, but they have come back and this time it is a very interesting post. I get to tell you all about little changes I want to make for the New Year to make it better, healthier and simpler. You know how it is, the New Year is a time to look back at what we did last year and make plans to have a better year this time around. Not in so many words, but we all do this type of thinking. And it is a good time for it. We have a whole year ahead of us. So, I am going to tell you 5 of the changes I am going to make and let me know in the comments what changes you are making.

1.Eat Better.
This is probably a big one for many of us and I am one of them:) I am not a person who pigs out on junk food. But I could definitely do better than I did last year. Get more whole grain breads and pasta, raw foods, etc. This will help in the long run and I will feel better having changed my eating.

2.Lose Weight.
Again, this is a big change we all want and I am really hoping to lose some weight this year. Not a lot, but enough to make a difference. I will be exercising more and making it more a part of my schedule. Too many times we go for the easy way out but if we would just take those stairs at the mall, park out a ways in the parking lot, etc, we might see some good results.

3.Take More Time To Read.
I already do a lot of reading. But I want to get more into reading things that will benefit me and not just something to read. So I might just be stopping by the library(Or walking to the library:) and picking up some good books to read.

4.Spend More Time with the Family.
So many times we just go our different ways doing things and part of the time that is going to happen. But I want to go out of my way to spend more time with them. Play with the girls, read with the family, etc. It is going to be worth it and we will get closer as a family.

5.Cut Back on Spending.
This will kind of run into saving and all but I am really working on cutting back on expenses. Those little stops at Starbucks, the soda at the checkout counter, or the books I purchase. I want to put back the money I would normally spend on these things and maybe put it in savings. Just think of the amounts of money we could be saving!

So, I told you a little bit about how I am going to change some things in this new year, why don't you tell me about yours? Leave a comment below and let me know what simple things you will be changing:) Or if you have a tip for me on one of my changes.

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Simply Orange® blogging program. If I am one of the first 65 blogs received by SocialsMoms, I will receive a $25 Target gift card and a gift pack that includes a Simply Orange® cooler bag and logoed fleece.


apple blossom said...

good list of changes for the new year
thanks for sharing

Maureen said...

You have a great list! I try to make the whole family eat better. I make most things from scratch. I also want to do more reading. Hope you win the gift pack and gift card!

Anonymous said...

Very well-written and excellent list of changes! So Positive!! Keeping my fingers crossed that you win. ^_^

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