Saturday, February 12, 2011

Oviedo Designs Tree of Love Ringer Shirt Review

I recently received a really cute t-shirt from a company called Oviedo Designs. This is a ladies ringer shirt. I love this look! It kind of looks like a sports shirt but very feminine. And the design on the shirt is even better! It is a Tree of Love! Have you ever seen this before?
I had never seen this design and I loved the whole look it gives the shirt. Kind of a recycle along with cute.

I have to say, the shirt runs small. The sizes are not what I would expect them to be. I got a XLarge in ladies and it does not fit me. I normally wear a large and if it is fitted I wear an XL because I like my shirts a little big. It is realy comfy that way. But with this shirt, I couldn't even wear it. So I gave it to my teen-age sister, who has been wearing it. I would say it is a size 8/10. Maybe a 12. Definitely not the size it says it is. I do love the feel of this shirt and I just wish it would fit me. My sister has been joking around about it because she knows I want it. Anyways, this is a company I would buy from again if the sizes ran regular. And I wouldn't blame the company itself, just one of those things, but I do feel like I should mention it in my review. I have had other companies send me shirts and I had to get like a 2X because of the sizes being fitted.

I like the whole idea behind this company as well. It is all about Investing in Women. If you want to help out women in need AND get yourself a nice shirt in the deal, this is the place to go. I am hoping to maybe purchase a couple things in the future but not sure about the sizing. A lovely place though to get a shirt for your teenage daughter!

Thank you to Leah for sending me a shirt for review. I did not receive any monetary compensation. All thoughts are 100% mine.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely review of my design Charity. I am sorry to hear the shirt sizing is off, but am glad your sister likes the shirt.

Also thank you for mentioning Investing In Women. This is my third year awarding grants and this year funding has been off to a slow start, but I am hopeful that we will reach our goal and award all 3 grants this year.

mamabunny13 said...

Very cool!

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