Monday, February 28, 2011

The Top Ten Things my Kids Would Miss Most if I was Abducted by Martians.

Well, time again for another Social Moms wonderful opportunity. They have teamed up this time around with Mars Needs Moms and this is a kind of funny post:) I am sure you realized that from the title but here is the whole thing. Mars Needs Moms is about a nine year old who has to rescue his mom when she gets abducted by martians. Now, I am not a whole big fan of martians and all but this is a funny idea. And, with Social Moms, it turns into a whole fun post!

As a family, we like to read a lot. One of our favorite things is to go to book sales and library sales. It is a wholesome entertaining and fun to do as a family but if I wasn't there? Who would read to them?

2.Fun in the Kitchen.
I like to cook and one thing we often do together is cook in the kitchen. Training the girls to cook is fun and we love to do it and there is no way a man could do half as good:)

Yep, we do exercise together and this is one thing I hope they would miss. Though I am not too sure about it:) The youngest is very happy to exercise but if I was gone, not sure how long it would go on.

4.Girl Time.
Sometimes it is nice to sit down and play with each others hair, put on lotion and just have plain ole girl fun. Definitely not going to happen without me!!

5.Shopping at the Stores.
Wow! Talk about fun:) We love to go shopping, especially to thrift stores, and this is a wonderful time they would not have if I was not there. Imagine the money saved though:) Just don't mention that to the guys:P

6.Craft Time.
One of our favorite things to do is to put crafts together. Whether it is a volcano, sewing or making paper dolls, we have fun. And I just can't see the guys doing this...

7.School and Homework.
We home-school and I just can't see the men helping with the homework. Who would be there to help teach E. math, make sure M. gets her cursive writing down, etc? Just some things a woman does best:)

8.Play Time.
I can't leave the boys out of this. They always need their play time too and sometimes only a Mom will do. I know the guys like to play guns or cowboys and indians but a lot of fun has been had with the boys. I sure hope they would miss this time:)

9.Time at Bed.
We try to have time at bed where we talk together about the day, how school went or what we are struggling with. There is no time like then and often we find things out about our children and our family. Not only would the children miss it but I definitely would.

10.No Mom.
I just have to have this one as the last one. I would hope they would miss Mom not being there. Just that feeling of being in the house and knowing she is there, someone to run to when the cuts happen or when you just need someone to talk to. I still have this with my Mother and I know it is something that can not be missed.

So, tell me, are there things your children would miss if you were abducted? Let me know in a comment. It can be funny or touching, just let me know.

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