Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How I Keep My Family Happy.

Well, it has been a while since I have done a project for Social Moms. And I am sure you all have missed them. But I just another one today! Can't wait to get started on it:) It promises to be a fun one! And they are teaming up with Farm Rich on this one. So please read through this and let me know you are reading my posts. I love to hear from my readers!

The project today is to tell about how we keep our families happy. I know many people are probably saying it is pretty easy, but sometimes one person has a different idea than another and we can help each other out. So here goes:)

One main thing I do is keep them happy with food. You know all about that I am sure! Often a good meal can turn everyone into mellow, happy to please people. I personally love going all out at meal times. Make sure everyone is at the table, yep, we like to eat together, and set the meal up to be a treat! Including setting the table fully. That means napkins, silverware, etc. Not everyone has a family to eat with so make it extra special for yours:)

Another way to keep them happy is to keep them busy. Whether through chores, homework, or just being busy through fun things. A worker is normally happy and in a better mood. I know children often tend to get grumpy but if you take the time to make it fun they will be happier. And this helps you out too. You know the old saying, "If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!" And it is so true! If they help take the load off you, everyone will be happier:)

And my last way to keep the family happy is to play with them. Yes, that includes the adults too! Get the family together around the table for a part game, include the kids in dominoes or the newest card game(Family friendly of course), or go play in the park! We love playing Scrabble Slam and Ratuki with the whole family! It gets everyone involved and we have a great time. Make sure to include the snacks too:) Our favorite is popcorn with flavored cheese on it or ice cream. You gotta love it! You just have to make sure play stays friendly and the aggressive players stay calm:) Won't be a happy family if someone gets upset they are losing.

I have learned that if everyone helps each other out, we will often stay happier. As a person and as a family. Take the time to show them you care. It will always help in the end:D

Now, let me know in a comment how you help your family stay happy. I love to read what you all post on my blog and others read it as well. I want to hear from you!!

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