Thursday, March 31, 2011

JoeShopping Website and Contest!

I have heard about this website before, JoeShopping, and I just found out they are hosting a wonderful contest that ends this evening! You will wish you had been able to get in on it and if you are fast you just might be able to!!

JoeShopping is for comparison shopping and you can often get really good deals through their site. But, the contest they are hosting is for bloggers and it is for a $100 Amazon gift card!! I soooo want to win this:) I have so many things on my wish list that I could get with this. Especially gifts:=)

For this contest you have to post about it, make sure you have everything in order(You can find the details at the contest link above) and then email your post link to them. But you have to hurry!! It ends tonight! So rush over to the contest page and get your post done. You just might be the winner. Hopefully not as I really want to win, but... :D Thank you so much JoeShopping for hosting this giveaway!

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