Thursday, March 31, 2011

Skintactix Clear Skin Challenge!

Hey everyone, I have accepted the Skintactix Clear Skin Challenge. This looks like it will be really good and I love trying out new products so this is my idea of fun:) Basically I will be trying out this 3 piece kit for 30 days. I received my kit in last week but I wanted to wait to start it as I just got done with another acne program. This kit includes a Glycolic Cleanser, Glycolic Exfoliator and a Green Tea Poultice. I am going to start out doing two steps in the morning and all three in the evening. I have a feeling I will be cutting down to only two steps in the evening as well. For some reason my skin gets hot and red if I use a cleaner on it at night. So I normally just wash my face with water and continue with the other leave on treatments.

So, if this sounds like fun for you, please check out there webpage that tells about the blogger program. Maybe you can join up too! For me, mine started this past week and I will update you in 30 days with how I feel the program worked, if it cleared my skin, etc. And I will show before and after pics as well. So, make sure to stick around and check it out:) I can't wait to see how it works!

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