Friday, April 29, 2011

Child's Colonial Girl Costume Review

I think children at some point in time, always go through a stage of dressing up and playing with costumes. I know I sure did when I was little and my siblings definitely did! Well, my little sister is still young enough that she likes dressing up and playing with her costumes. So, when I was offered to review any costume from Costume Supercenter, I knew I had to get her one:)
I had a hard time picking out just one costume and which one would be her favorite. At first I liked the chinese dresses but just couldn't find one that caught my eye. She loves to dress up like her favorite missionary, Gladys Alyward. But when I went searching through the historical costumes, I knew I had found the perfect one!
The Colonial Girl Costume is exactly what she needed! She likes to play as Martha Washington a lot and that time period is one of her favorites. And believe me, you can see from the picture below, she likes to get into it with wig and all:) The wig is not included in the costume but she has several wigs and such that she likes to play with. Blue is also one of her favorite colors so I liked how it came in those colors instead of the Pilgrim black and white.

The costume includes the dress, apron and mobcap. The only thing I have to say is that the sizing is a little bit off. The dress is a little bit tight and somewhat short but that may just be her. The dress is well made and believe me, she has had plenty of fun playing with it. Only thing is, now she wants the shoes to go with the outfit:) I told her maybe next time.

Whether you are searching for a specific outfit or just browsing for some good costumes, Costume Supercenter is the place to go. They can be found on Twitter and on Facebook. Their prices are pretty good and I was amazed at the variety of costumes they have available. I do want to say, my blog is for family friendly items and just as a sidenote, there are some mature costumes so please be careful as far as the children.

I received product from Costume Supercenter for my review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation. All thoughts are 100% mine.

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