Monday, April 11, 2011

Home-Ec 101 by Heather Solos Book Review

Hi all, I have an eBook review today for a book that is very good for mothers. Talk about a book for a need! This is written by Heather Solos and is titled, Home-Ec 101. Now, what did I tell you! I think we all could use this book:)

I have never heard of this author before and was pleasantly surprised. She has a nice way of writing that is funny and entertaining. I have a hard time reading a DIY type book if it doesn't catch my attention. I can give you a list of ones I have put down after reading the first couple pages. But this one, not just a DIY book, really kept my attention through the whole thing. I read it throughout in two days. Yes, I enjoyed reading an educational book about cleaning:D Not normal I know, but then again, you just might need to read this book.

One of my favorite quotes is at the beginning of the book where the author states that one question she gets asked more than any other is, "How can I have a clean home without actually doing anything?" Answer- You hire out." I just had to laugh! Seriously, how do you expect to have a clean house without doing anything:)

This book covers many topics and mini topics. From the obvious ones of laundry, organizing, etc. But it also goes more in depth like the type of cleaning products out there. Which ones can be mixed and which ones can't. I am a big fan of this because children especially don't often get taught this. And for mothers who have their children help with cleaning, this is something that needs taught. But it always helps to have a refresher for mom too:) Another one she hits is when you accidentally forget to finish the load of laundry and your wet clothes now smell like mildew. What do you do? She covers all these questions and sooo much more in this book! I am a fan of this book, that's for sure!

So, am I saying this is only for moms who don't know how to do anything? NO! This is for any and all moms. From new moms to moms who are more mature. We all can use help and reminders now and then and this is the book you go to when you just don't have the answer! Would make a great gift for the new bride.

Overall I loved this book. Heather covered almost every topic I could think of and I liked her outlines and questions/answers areas. This is a book I will be purchasing as I only received an eBook for review purposes.

Thank you to One2One Network for sending me the review copy. I did not receive any monetary compensation but I was entered into a giveaway by posting this review.


Marsha S said...

you are so lucky to have gotten the whole book! I got the overwhelming demand email and only got to download chapter 20. I loved it!! I am going to buy the book and use it with my teen daughter as part of her school...and keep it for future reference.

mamabunny13 said...

I bet I could learn a lot from this book!

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