Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little Switches that Make A Difference.

Hey friends, I am back again with another Social Moms opportunity! I love this group and their wonderful writing opportunities. They always come up with such interesting ideas and companies to work with. So, can you guess who it is this time? Cottonelle! Yep, they are working with Social Moms on this wonderful opportunity. So, I am sure you are wondering what I get to write about this time? Well, I get to tell you about little switches that make a difference. This is a really good subject to me because there are so many little things we can do that will make a difference, whether big or little, in the lives of those around us. So, make sure to read on:)

In our family we have pretty much decided to eat together as a family. I have found this is one area that seems small to us but in normal homes it isn't seen much anymore. But we also recently decided to set the table with silverware, napkins and nice dinnerware. Especially at dinnertime this makes a big difference. It kind of signals that this is a big thing. A set apart time during the day. And the kids love pitching in and going all out with the setup! The 10 year old loves putting everything out and making sure everything matches:) And it is such a little thing to do but it makes a difference.

Something I would like to change in the future is setting a time down to do something special for a family member or friend. It may be a little thing, like getting them a gift card for a coffee or buying them a book, or it could be something bigger like watching the kids for a friend while she goes out on a date with her husband. But these little switches will bring a great difference in how your family acts and your friendship:) I can't wait to start implementing this in my daily life!

And one last switch I would like to make is enjoying life more, outside! Getting outside to play with the family, sitting on the porch reading a book, or taking a walk around the block, I want to get out and make changes. Yes it will benefit me physically but it will also bring a better outlook on life and in my families life. I think being outdoors really makes a difference in anyone's life:) So make sure you get out there in your day to day life as well!! And in doing this it will help me make sure I am looking good:)

So, there are a few simple changes or switches I want to make in my daily life. I am not a big person for change but sometimes, the little switches in life make such a difference! So, there you have it. I am sure you have many more ways you want to make switches in your life so let me know about some in a comment. I love to hear from my readers! Thanks everyone for sticking with me through my posts:)

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Cottonelle blogging program, for a gift card worth $25. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

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