Monday, April 18, 2011

Upcoming Beauty Event!!

Hey all! I have something exciting to tell you all about! This will not run until next month but I couldn't wait to tell you about it so I knew I had to spill the beans:) You will love it!!

A Healthy, Beautiful Body Event in May!!!

YEA!! The whole month of May I will be featuring products that are either good for your body, will help to make it beautiful or both. This means products like lotions, shaving products, teeth whitening, hair accessories, vitamins, spa items, nail polish, diet programs, face products, etc. This will be big! And I have big companies and small companies working with me so you will get a good range of product. I am a fan of big name brands but also those little companies where you get special service and a special product... I love them both!! I sure hope you do as well because you will get to meet a lot of these wonderful brands and companies in the month of May.

So, I am sure you are interested in learning more about this event and the products you will get to learn about. Some of these will be reviews only but most of them are reviews and giveaways. You heard that right:) That means you will be able to enter giveaways for most of these items! I just can't wait to get started. And, right now I am going to tell you how to get some extra entries before the event even starts. So pay attention. You can get these through this week. For this week you have to either post about the event on your blog with a link here or email 3 friends and CC me on the email. This will get you 3 extra entries in my event. You have to come back here and leave a comment with what you did. And you can do both of these and get 6 extra entries if you want! So, go do those and then come back and let me know what you did. And if you email three people you must CC me on it. esterried[at] is my email.

And, next week I will let you know some of the companies who will be working with me! You will love them! Especially if you are into nail polish, vitamins, perfume, hair mousse, etc. I got you guessing huh:) I will also have a button done next week and you will get extra entries for putting that on your blog as well. I will still be having my normal book tours/reviews/giveaway and product reviews and such but the main focus will be for beauty items. So, get in your extra entries:) And make sure ya'll come on back!

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