Monday, May 9, 2011

The Alarmists by Don Hoesel Book Review


The 2012 phenomenon that's going viral around the globe has led sociology professor Jameson Richards to study the impact on society when, like the Y2K scare, 12/21/12 comes and goes with hardly a wrinkle. This is the date that, according to the Mayan calendar, the doomsayers predict the world will end. Richards teams up with General Michaels, a scientist stationed at the Pentagon whose job it is to monitor the world's fanatics, keeping an eye out for potential terrorists. Together they uncover something sinister going on beneath the surface, linked to billionaire and media mogul Jeremy Maxwell, who also happens to be a huge manufacturer of weapons systems. The 2012 date has captured Maxwell's attention too, and he's looking to cash in on the public's fear and paranoia. And what he instigates--along with his corrupt partners--nearly starts another war in the Middle East, while also bringing the world to its knees economically. It's up to the professor/general team to blow the whistle on Maxwell, hopefully in time to avert a major catastrophe.

I received this book for review purposes. I have been watching out for it as the cover is really neat looking. You know how sometimes the cover just jumps out at you? That is the way it was with this one. So when it popped up as available for review, I snatched it up:)

I really liked the sound of this book and the plot was very interesting. I had a hard time getting into it though. The characters were likable but I think there was too much of the whole Mayan calendar and I couldn't follow a lot of it. Someone who likes this type of book might be able to follow it better but I couldn't. I did read the whole thing through and it had a good ending. Wrapped up quite nicely. I just wish I had been able to enjoy it more. I really wanted to give this a 5 star rating. I will definitely try another one of Don's books as I try to not let one sour an author for me. I have had some authors write a totally great book and then the next one is not interesting to me. So I like to read a couple before I write an author off. Hopefully the next one keeps my attention better. And please try this book out if you like this type of thing. Just not my cup of tea:)

I received a copy of this book from Bethany House for review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation.

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Josiah said...

Sounds good, I too would probably get lost in the Mayan parts.
josiahsreviews (at) yahoo (dot) com

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