Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beautiful, Healthy Body Event The Zone Diet Catch-up

Hi all! I apologize for not being around recently. Just really busy and not having time to get on the computer at all. Today I am having the end post for my Zone Diet. If you need a refresher, go back to my first post where I started the Zone Diet. I have been on this 2 weeks and I am really impressed with the results.

Now, I am sure you remember my fears of having to cook two different meals as I was eating different foods. I have come to realize it wasn't really that bad! For breakfast I mainly had cinnamon swirl bread and then for lunch I was having a sandwich using the Zone Diet bread. And then for dinner I could have either fusili, pizza or a flatbread with a salad. I really didn't have a big problem making something different. I just made a pretty similar meal for the rest of the family! Tuna fish sandwiches were easy and even making the pasta was simple.

Throughout doing this program I have lost 4 lbs. Now I know it may not sounds like much, but it has only been two weeks! If I were to do this on a regular basis I am sure I would lose more. This also includes a couple times were we went out and I had to eat something from a restaurant. Which I did pretty good there as well by using the tips from Zone Diet but I did eat out.

One of the things I noticed while doing this was that I was eating a lot less and feeling full for a longer time. I was eating within an hour of getting up in the morning and having breakfast, normally a bottle of water and a pack of bread with light butter on it and I was fine for several hours. Then for lunch I had my sandwich and I was fine again until around 6 pm. I really had to force myself to eat the snacks. I didn't even feel like eating them but I wanted to follow the Zone Diet program. With my package they sent along a recommended program for males and females. I didn't stick too close to it but I did somewhat. The only thing I did not care for was I had some cramps throughout the day which could only have been from the Zone Diet products. Not sure what exactly it was from, maybe not eating as much as normal, but this is the only thing it could have been from. I made sure to drink plenty of water as I thought maybe that was the problem. They eased somewhat near the end of my two weeks but not all the way. They were nothing major but the first day it happened I took a pain reliever because I wasn't sure what it was. Then when it kept up for several days I figured it was from the Zone Diet.

My absolute favorite foods were the Cinnamon Swirl Bread and the Pizza Crusts. I loved making a pizza with whole grain crust and being totally fine doing it with my diet!!! The fusili and orzo was pretty good as well. The only foods I didn't care for was the plain granola and the buns. I don't know why but the buns for some reason had an aftertaste to them. I had to freeze all the baked goods as it was but these were pretty bad once I defrosted them. And the peanut butter granola was pretty good but I didn't like the plain.

Overall I fell in love with this program. It was not too hard to follow. I don't really eat that bad normally but I eat too much. Even too much salad can be bad for you:) So that was really nice with this to have a planned amount of food and to have my portions already made out for me. The foods were pretty good and I didn't have a problem with cooking anything. It did cause me to lose 4 lbs and I like the little feel of victory:) I would encourage anyone who is trying to lose weight to look into the Zone Diet program. It just might be your answer!

I received complimentary product for review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation. All thoughts are 100% mine.


Steph-anne said...

sounds like a great program. I want to try it now =)

footfootballpsu at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

it sounds neat.

Anonymous said...

it sounds neat.

janetfaye said...

Losing four pounds is great!

I like that this program leaves you feeling full.

~SALLY~ said...

Four pounds is FOUR POUNDS! YAY! I love the looks of the bread don't find diet food that looks yummy these days!

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