Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What A Time to Go Outside!!

Hi friends and fellow bloggers! I am really loving the weather the past couple days. I am not a big outside person but that was one of my resolutions earlier this year, that I want to be outdoors more often. Even if it is just sitting on the patio reading a book, I want more time spent outside. And I also love browsing the internet for new shops and places to buy from:) I recently found a really neat website that has lots of outside items. Every Patio Furniture is a really neat place to shop.

I kind of go through and browse trying to figure out items I would like to get and where they would go, etc. What colors I would like and what would match each piece. I know, I am kind of crazy but hey, you can have fun in many different ways! So, I went shopping on this site and let me tell you, I spent well over $1,500 dollars!

One of my favorite items was the Oakland Living Hummingbird Loveseat. To me a focal point is an absolute on a patio. This outdoor bench is very easily centered and even having two of them would be great. Our patio is long and I could easily put two of them on the front patio, one at each end:)

Now, in pattern with the hummingbirds(I love our hummingbirds:), I would also go with the Hummingbird Candle Holder with Candle. Not only does this go with the Hummingbird theme but I love candles!! They are all over the house so outside the house would be great as well!

Now, for the final touch with hummingbirds, I would add a Hummingbird Bird Bath. This would go out in the yard for me to watch the birds. Definitely looks better than the one we have now:P

I also fell in love with this other item. I think it also would go with the look I was trying to get for the patio. Kind of rustic and feminine. This Murray Feiss Costa Del Luz ES Outdoor Wall Sconce would look great on each end of the porch!! Can they go together? What do you think? I though they looked lovely and I can imagine them out on my patio for me to enjoy. If only wishes came true:) Can you imagine how beautiful my patio would look! I am seriously thinking about saving up for these pieces. They would be well worth the wait and money. It would be so nice to sit out on the patio with all this wonderful furniture.

So, what about you? Do you have a dream look for your patio? You just might want to check out Every Patio Furniture. They have tons of items and just might have that piece you have been looking for:)

I have not purchased from this website. All thoughts are 100% mine.

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