Thursday, June 2, 2011

BBQ Time Coming Up!!

This is the absolute, perfect time to start up your BBQ grills! The weather is getting better and I can actually wear short sleeves outside:) Seems like the right time to pull out the grill, get some friends together and have a cookout!! In my recent searches for grills, I came across a really nice website called CSGrills. They have a lot of different grills and I found a couple I liked. I thought since some of you might be looking for a new grill, maybe you would be interested in checking this site out too:)

CSGrills sells many types of grills, from outside, patio, etc. I am going to show you some of my favorites and I hope you hop over to the site and check out some you might want to purchase.

This is my absolutely favorite grill of them all! Check out this Weber Performer Series 22.5" Charcoal Grill in Dark Blue Finish. It would look lovely on the back porch:) I like the blue color as it isn't just your plain ole black or gray. They do have this in other colors but the blue really looks good. I also like all the room there is to prepare, set your platter, etc. And it has a one-touch clean-up system!! Every ladies dream:) And the price on this one has been reduced and isn't that expensive.

Another one I liked for the doors to hide all the tools is this Dimplex Power Chef Compact Stainless Steel Electric Grill. I love the doors!! It can hide all your little gadgets and clean up tools inside. It also is electric instead of gas, which I love.

Another one I thought was cute was the Weber Q 200 Portable Propane Gas Grill. We travel quite a bit and this is a really helpful appliance to have with you. It is portable and can be set up on a picnic table.

And the last one I am going to show you is this Napoleon Grills Prestige II Gemini 750 Series Built In 49 Inch Infrared Grill. This is my dream grill, okay:) Absolutely far out there and not anywhere near my price range. But it was still pretty cool looking!

So, now you have seen my favorite grills. I am sure you will have some favorites if you go look at their site:) Come on. You know you want to.... :D LOL! Check out for your BBQ Grill needs.

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