Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ten Time-Saving Tips to Make Your Life as a Busy Mom Easier

Hello all! I have been somewhat infrequent here but it has been crazy busy around my house! But, you know I could never turn down a writing post from Social Moms:) This time they have teamed up with Starbucks and I am going to let you all know about some tips I have to make our busy life a little less busy:D

This is my top tip. It is somewhat simple and I know it is often over-looked, but it will really help save time and keep your day going better. Whether it is the night before or in the morning before breakfast, it helps to sit down and write out a schedule.

2.Cook Extra's.
Cooking meals ahead of time or cooking extra is a big way to save time. I often cook extra hamburger and then use it for two meals. Even make an extra meal when you are cooking and freeze one. Helps out a lot!

3.Get the Children's Help.
Make sure your children help in the chores, etc. Setting the table, folding laundry, or cleaning can all be helped out by the children. And this leaves you a little bit more free time. Even if you have to check and make sure everything is done, it will still take less time than going and doing everything by yourself.

4.Take the Little Things.
When you go from one area to another, take something that needs put away. I like to have a basket or bin in the living room to put small things in for my other rooms. Always helps to put them in the bin and then put things away from there.

5.Pay Bills Online.
This helps in not having a lot of mail to go through. Get all your bank statements, bills, etc sent online so you don't have all the little bulk mail.

6.Order Your Days.
I like to do my big cleaning on one day of the week, laundry on another. Set down your days like that and then do little extra's on the other days if you need to. It will help to have one big cleaning day and then just sweep and neaten on the others.

7.Take Notes.
Make a list near our door of things you need to do when you leave the house. It always helps to have those things written down so when you leave to run errands you don't forget something and have to run out again. Even if it is the smallest thing such as running a book back to the library, picking up milk from the store, etc. write it down! Then take it with you when you head out the door.

8.Shopping List.
Again, write down all your shopping needs. It never hurts and it will always help. Make sure you don't forget those little things needed for your meal or the simple staples. We used to know a friend that was always running out for little things she forgot for the meal. And this was right before fixing the meal! Make sure to write them down and you won't be at the store trying to remember what you needed for the meal that night:)

9.Assign Tasks.
This kind of goes with one of my earlier tips but in a different way. If you can assign tasks and get others to help with things, it will go much easier. Even ask a friend to help. If they are going to the library, ask if they can drop your book off. Then be willing to help them at a later time. But if you have someone assigned to taking the laundry from the bathroom or bedroom to the wash room, it is something you don't have to do before you start the washer.

10.Do Tasks Online.
Whether it is checking a credit card, your bank account, paying a bill or the grocery ads, do it online. So much can be done online now a days that it is so easy. You can find help anywhere on the internet and most things can be done on here. It is amazing! I can make my grocery list, print the coupons I will need and then print my grocery list. Wonderful, fast and efficient!

So these are some of my tips. There are many others and I know I did not come up with them all, that is for sure:) Leave a comment and let me know what you would give as your top tip for saving time. We all could use a little help in this!

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Starbucks blogging program, for a gift card worth $30. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

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Kelly said...

Great tips - I like the idea of picking a day for each type of thing you need to do!

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