Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How do We Prepare for the Start of the School Year?

I can't believe it is that time of year again already. This year really seems to have flown by. It is almost September and the end of the year is fast approaching. Okay, not really that fast but fast enough:) This time of year though we are in that headed back to school mode. Making sure all the supplies are bought, uniforms purchased, and children ready to work their brains.

For us we have a somewhat easier time of it. With 4 children in school many things get passed down. But there are sooo many things to buy that can not be passed down. Like the endless supply of pencils and the pencil sharpeners that somehow are always disappearing. Don't tell me you don't have that problem?

Our first visit is to Wal-Mart. They always seem to have the basics. And the cheap prices make it easy to stock up on supplies. During our stocking up time though we tend to shop online as well. I have found that sometimes online shopping is one of the easiest ways to get exactly what you need and cheap! Tiny Prints is one such place. For back to school shopping, they have a wonderful array of items available. If you have not checked them out, I suggest you do. I have ordered from them several times, worked with them numerous times through my blog, and always come away happy! Not once have I had a problem and I am always satisfied with their products. Whether you need those labels for lunches, notes to go into the lunchboxes, stationary to send messages to the teacher, etc. they will have these items. I love shopping through them! They also tend to send coupons and codes through the email newsletters that make shopping cheaper:) Check them out for your school supplies!

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