Monday, August 29, 2011

Solar Solutions for Internet Addicts Like Me

With the people on the east coast getting hit by Hurricane Irene, this is a really good time to talk about this topic right now. I have heard that many people are without power and I have to tell you, if I did not have the internet for more than a couple days, I would have a really hard time. I know there are probably more important things that they are thinking about right now, but I have heard from some of them that the internet is kind of like a lifeline to let their friends and family know they are okay. One thing that I found that would help me stay up and live on the internet is portable solar power. I had not really looked into this type of thing but with the weather being as bad as it is recently, this has been on my check list.

One thing I like with the solar power is that you are not often without it. Whether your electric is out because of a downed electric pole or from something worse like a storm, you can normally charge just about anything, even though there can be a delay depending on how bad the weather is. I was amazed when I went searching at the types of things you can power up and the time frame it takes to charge them. If you have never looked into this, you can always check it out online.

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