Monday, August 29, 2011

Some Tips for Long Distance Moving.

I have recently heard about a lot of people moving. I have to tell you, if I was in Texas I would definitely be moving:) The heat down there sounds horrible! But in my lifetime I have moved a lot so I wanted to give some tips that I thought might be helpful to others who may be in the process of moving or thinking about moving. Especially if you are long distance moving, these will really help. Once we moved from Fl to IL so I know what all goes into the moving:)

1.Get Plenty of Boxes.
One thing that we had to really get a lot of was boxes. I know it sounds simple, but make sure to get sturdy boxes that will hold up. And boxes with lids are always best. Believe me, we tried boxes without lids and they always pushed in from the sides. Definitely go with strong, sturdy boxes with lids.

2.Have a Marker Handy.
With 8 in our family, we had a lot of stuff. And we always had problems trying to keep the childrens items separated. So we found that bringing a marker along and writing each child's name on the box worked out the best! Or if you have those sticky labels? Those work too but not as good because some of them came off. A bright, thick marker works the greatest.

3.Schedule and Plan Ahead.
We always packed our items in the order we would need them. The toys and games, books, etc were always packed first. They were the things we wouldn't need right away when we first got in. The kitchen items, bedding, bathroom things, etc. Those were the items that were packed last so they were at the back of the trailer to get out first. Make sure you know what you are going to need right away and put those at the back of the trailer or near the door. One time we packed our toaster oven and wouldn't ya know? That was the thing we needed the night we got in to use:) So it pays to plan ahead and schedule what you need.

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Andrea Strong said...

I've moved a lot too your suggestion about boxes is absolutely right on.

I've found that grocery stores give boxes away, since they're just planning to trash them anyway. My favorites are egg boxes and banana boxes. Since those foods are so easily damaged, they are shipped in sturdy boxes. Just the kind you want for moving your breakables.

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