Thursday, September 8, 2011

Angels and Heroes Book Review!!

This book is a wonderful read! Inspiring and thought provoking, it brings to life the story of our men and women in uniform and scrubs. I have never read a book by this author, Robert Lesslie, but I now have his other two books on my wish list. I enjoy this book, Angels and Heroes, and will be reading more like it in the future.

In his popular first two books Angels in the ER (over 200,000 copies sold) and Angels On Call, Dr. Robert Lesslie inspired readers with moving accounts of remarkable people and incidents from his 25 years as an ER doctor. Now in Angels and Heroes, Dr. Lesslie shares amazing experiences of the courageous men and women who exhibit the grace and strength of angels in the face of danger every day.

In this uplifting book, readers will be inspired by the human connections and the divine moments in:

  • breathtaking stories from the front lines of the police
  • extraordinary adventures of our firemen
  • poignant tales from the men and women of EMS
  • And more unforgettable heart and soul rescues from the ER
These fascinating true experiences will encourage readers to appreciate those who serve others—and to watch for those moments when they too can rescue someone with God’s love.

Angels and Heroes is a book filled with true stories from the front line. Not all of these stories are about officers, but also about nurses and doctors who go above and beyond. I really like the saying in the front of the book. I don't want to bore you so I won't give it all, but the gist is that someone who gives their life for a friend or a family member is quite well thought of. But every day these people put their lives on the line and sacrifice in their duty. When they sign up, the danger comes with the job. And we often don't even think about it. I will definitely be more thankful of this from now on.

When I first started the book I figured all the stories would be nice and happy stories. The doctor saving a person, a firefighter putting out a fire and rescuing the homeowner. And yes these stories are in here. The happy ones that make you feel good about living. But I was surprised to find the other stories in this book as well. The ones that make you cry and ache for that person. Ones where someone dies in the line of duty, a family without their father. Really makes you think about what these people face.

One of my favorite stories was a happy one called The Shirt Off My Back. This account shows how you never know who you are helping and what a blessing it can be:) I was very hard pressed though to pick just one as my favorite. There were several that were very close. Another one was Deliverance. A story of one person who goes out of his way to help an officer in need. And the ending of that story really hit home. How many times do people see things or a person who needs help and we just pass them by?

My absolute favorite, even though it was a tearful story, was Going Home. Oh the story in this one!! I had tears in my eyes while reading this one. A young man is heading home to see his family and he never makes it. But that part to me was not the tearful part. Yes it is sad but the worst part to me was when the officer hands his family the CD that was playing in his CD player when they arrived on the scene. This just made me ache. What a story!!

Well, I hope I have made you want this book. It is a story of hope and tears, along with joy and laughter. What stories are held in this book! People who just go the whole way to be a help and sacrifice their lives. I am not much of a reader of non-fiction like this. I like to read biographies but I fell in love with this book. In a way I guess it is a biography, but of many people.

According to FTC Disclosure, I received a copy of this book for review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation. All thoughts are 100% mine.


saavylistener said...

such a good book !
and one of my favorite authors!

Josiah said...

Sounds like a good and interesting book

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