Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Art of Shaving Without Razor Bumps

Did you know there is actually an art to shaving? I had never really thought of it as an art until I talked to somebody recently and they used that term for it. I am going to be giving some tips below on how to use the art of shaving and maybe you can give me some as well:) I am not totally an artist yet! But I like my legs to look good and I have 3 males in the house, two of which shave.

1.Use Oils.
I use an oil on my legs. This really helps to soften and smooth before I shave. I got razor bumps once and let me tell you, they hurt!! Ever since that time I have been applying oil or a really good lotion on my legs. I can't tell you the difference it has made in my shaving routine. Now I have also heard that the men like to use a lotion to moisten their face before shaving. My Dad is not much into that stuff but my brothers sure are!

2.Plenty of Water.
I know this sounds off the wall, but drink a lot of water and use plenty of water on your face and legs. A dry shave may work once in a while but it is nasty for your legs! And on the beard... I can't imagine!

3.Use A Good Razor.
This will really help with the close shave. I have used a cheap razor before and I am a witness of the damage they do. Invest in a good razor. It will be a big help!!

So these are my tried and true tips. They have proven themselves time and time again. If you have any for me, please leave them below.

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