Monday, September 26, 2011

Atlanta Visit

Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy

My cousin had moved to Atlanta with his wife years ago. They lived there way before they had two daughters. However, I had yet to visit them. Since it was not even a four-hour drive from where I lived, I decided that it was finally time for a visit. They had grown out of their Buckhead condo long ago, but had just now bought a new home in the suburbs. He gave me directions to their new house, which was located in one of those neighborhoods where all of the houses looked confusingly similar. He noted that there would be a Atlanta Home Security truck in the driveway so I had an extra point of reference. I basically grew up with my cousin, but we had drifted apart, which tends to happen as you get older and busier. He worked for the bank and his wife stayed at homewith their two girls. I looked forward to catching up with them and getting to know their kids. It was still so strange to see my bratty older cousin as a mature adult and father!

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