Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Bride's Portrait of Dodge City Kansas Book Review

I received this book last month and have just been so busy that I didn't get to it. But I was able to pick it up yesterday and let me tell you, I raced through it! Erica Vestch does an excellent job on A Bride's Portrait of Dodge City, Kansas and I stayed up late to finish it:)

Quench your craving for good fiction with this wonderfully written Old West adventure. Hoping to leave the shadows of her shady yesteryears behind, Adeline Reed is focusing on her photography career. But when her ex-boyfriend?s compatriot in crime shows up in Dodge City her entire past is threatened by exposure. Can Addie keep her secrets while helping to catch a killer? Deputy Miles Carr?s investigation into a shopkeeper?s murder leads him to Addie?s door. Will his attraction to this female photographer keep him from catching the true culprit? Or will Addie lead him off course in more ways than one?

MY REVIEW-I had previously read some of Erica's works. She is known for her Heartsong titles and I have also reviewed Idaho Brides, which I thought was an excellent book. But you know how many times an author does good in one area but then they change their genre or their length of novel, and the book just doesn't seem as good? Well, that is what I was afraid of with this. Erica has written several books that I loved but they were all small books. I wasn't sure how this longer length novel would be. But I had no reason to be worried at all! I absolutely loved this story!

My favorite character was Addie. At first I kind of had a problem with her hiding her past but then I saw why she did that. I kind of put myself in her shoes and felt how she felt. Miles was a great male character! He was kind, gentle and yet strong. He also has guilt over his past. I wish he had been more outspoken about his Christianity with his co-workers but I know where he is coming from. At times it is hard for me to say things or to speak up. I greatly respected Jonas. He was on my top list as well. Let me just say that they were all on my top list:D But Jonas went from low down to almost my favorite. I know Miles is supposed to be the main male character but Jonas almost upped him. He is soo sweet:)

Vin Rutter about made me want to slap him. He is a snake that uses anyone in his way to get what he wants. The killer was somewhat of a surprise. I was kind of going back and forth on who did it so not only is this a great historical book, but it has a good amount of mystery as well. One thing I liked was the history with Bat Masterson. Yes this is fiction, but I had my interest piqued so I will be doing some history on him. The talk about photography was interesting. Addie does portraits and I had to laugh at the one part where a cowboy is trying to get his horse in the studio:D

Overall this is an excellent book that will be on my bookshelf:) It was a keeper! A sweet historical with mystery thrown in. Loved the characters and the plot was great! I couldn't find anything to say against this book;) Great job, Erica!!

I received a copy of this book for review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation. All thoughts are 100% mine.


ann said...

i love a old west story
with mystery involved in it to

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mamabunny13 said...

You said Vin Rutter about made you want to slap him, I think being around any man long enough will give most women that urge! (even in books!) *giggles*
I love historicals and would love to read this one!

Josiah said...

Sounds interesting,I too like westerns.
josiahsreviews (at) yahoo (dot) com

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