Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fun Plumbing Repairs

Howdy friends and neighbors. I don't know about you, but sometimes living in a house where you have to do the repairs, just gets plain horrible. We have recently been having a lot of trouble with our plumbing. And plumbing repair is just a pain:( We had some problems with our kitchen sink but now we have an even bigger area.

Our major problem is the bathroom tub. We have another shower but that one is just a shower and no tub. Now I am not the type of person that has to bathe every day. I prefer to shower anyways. But there are others in our family that can't go without a bath every single day! And do you know how grumpy they get when they can't bathe? It is not nice:D Seriously though, it started backing up and we figured it was just something small, like hair that had gotten stuck in the drain. With 6 ladies you can get a lot of hair in the drain:) But we tried plunging it and that didn't fix it. We have now bought a liquid drain remover to see if that will work. Showering is a bit of a problem as the water starts to fill the tub. And it slowly drains but definitely not as fast as it should be. Hopefully now this will fix it, otherwise we are going to have to check out the pipes below the tub. And I am not in the mood to do that:D

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