Monday, October 31, 2011

Advertising Agencies

As a blogger I look at my blog as a job. This helps to keep my hours down to where they should and it also keeps me from feeling guilty when I feel like I am on the computer a lot. But this also means that I do marketing and advertising for my blog. Yep:) I try to use different advertising whether this means using an Advertising Agency or using my own way of getting my blog out there.

I personally like the idea of using an advertising agency. They have so many ways and abilities to get your company out on the radar, whether this is a blog or a small business. They do all the advertising for you! You pay their fee and then they do the work that you would have to do. I like this aspect of it. You don't have to do the work to get your company out in the eye of the public. I do not use an advertising agency right now but just looking at the website has pushed me more towards that road.

I have not used this website. All thoughts are 100% mine.

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