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Blog Tour for Hello Hollywood by Janice Thompson

One of my favorite thing about reviewing books is getting the new ones as they come out and then being able to pass them on to friends. I am a member of a book swap called Paperbackswap and this is a great place! Believe me, it is really nice to be able to send friends the new books that they have on their wish lists. But occasionally the book comes through that I don't want to pass on. Needless to say, this is one of them:) Hello Hollywood is a humorous book yet very interesting. Let me tell you more about it below.

When it comes to love, one thing's for sure--it doesn't follow a script!

Athena Pappas is the head writer on Stars Collide, one of the most popular sitcoms in television history. But when Vegas comedian Stephen Cosse is brought in to beef up the show's suddenly sagging ratings, she starts to worry about her job. Sparks fly as the competition--and attraction--between the two writers heats up. Athena has never had a problem writing the romances of her characters. So why is her own love life so hard to script?

With humor and a Hollywood-insider viewpoint, Hello, Hollywood! delivers lots of laughs as Athena and Stephen discover that not being in control of the plot of their lives might just be the best thing that ever happened to them.

I personally like Janice Thompson's writing style. Her books are funny and poignant. They combine humor and thought in a way that I find intriguing. This book is the second one in a series and the same characters show up. I have not read the first one but you can tell from the story that they are from that book. I really liked all the characters but I would have to say my favorite ones were Stephen and Brooke. These two are sooo sweet!! Stephen wants the best for Brooke and he wants her to have a better life than he did as a child. Athena is a great character but she was my third favorite:)

One thing I really liked with this novel is that the characters are life-like. Athena struggles with thinking she is nothing great to look at(tell me about it), Stephen is good looking and handsome but yet struggles daily with raising his daughter, etc. These characters are very real!! And in the middle of this whole book, Janice throws in not just one romance, but two! I don't want to spoil anything, but there is another couple who finds love as well:) The dog aspect I totally did not click with. Believe me, I am not a big dog lover and this dog about drove me nuts through the whole book! I sooo wanted to kill it. LOL!! JK!! But I do think it was a little overdone. This dog chewed and destroyed just about anything and everything.

The Pappas seniors were very cute. They have such wisdom to impart and they are such a family. Then the whole thing over Aunt Athena and her gift is a whole different story. I know I am being a bit sketchy in this review but I don't want to give anything away:) Overall this was a great book!

I received a copy of this book for review purposes. I did not receive any monetary compensation.
Available September 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.


Janice Thompson said...

Sweet! So glad you enjoyed Athena's story. Thanks for the kind review. :)

mamabunny13 said...

I also like when the characters in a novel are life-like. As far as the dog think it drove you crazy? Try owning a dog like that. I have and it really will drive you crazy. lol (turned out to be one of the best dogs I ever owned)The author probably experienced it too so I guess it isn't so much over the top. *giggles
mamabunny13 at gmail dot com

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