Saturday, October 15, 2011

Girls Shoes

With two young girls in our household we often buy shoes like they are a daily need:) I am sure those of you with girls know what it is like. They have fifteen billion pairs of shoes but if they find another pair they like, grab that one too!! And one thing they can't do without is girls flip flops. I don't know why they are so big, but both girls have several pairs:)

The 10 year old is very picky about her shoes but she likes to have a lot of them. Every time we turn around, guess who needs another pair of shoes? She does!! During the summer she runs around in flip flops all the time. And with the way she is on the run, she goes through them like crazy.

There are all different types of flip flops but she prefers the cutesy ones. Whether they are floral, sunny, etc. But she often goes through several pairs during the summer. What surprises me is that she likes to wear them in the fall too. These flip flops are very versatile and you can wear them all the time! I have found a new place to go shopping for them and the girls flip flops shall never run out:) They are pretty cheap and the variety is amazing!

I have not purchased from this site. All thoughts are 100% mine.

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