Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shaving Tips From The Guys!

Howdy everyone! I have a little bit different post for you today. This will be mainly from the males in my family and hopefully it comes out all right:) These are from two different people and I found it interesting that they each have their own opinions. I think I have given you enough shaving tips for ladies that now I want to get it from a males perspective and their point of view. I have found though that many of these are somewhat the ones I have been doing. It is amazing how shaving is the same for women or men! So if you could just read through this for me and I am sure they will be pleased if you leave a comment as well:)

#1.Use a Quality Razor.
This really helps to get a good, close shave. A less quality razor often tends to leave nicks and cuts where a good razor will leave your skin nice and smooth. Definitely better on the face! Now my father only mentioned a good razor. My brother suggests an electric razor. I don't know if it will give a better shave or not as I have never used one:) But he loves them and that is all he uses!

#2.Shave with Only Hot Water.
My father swears by using only hot water and that this gives a better shave. My brother says he uses cold water. I would think the hot water would be best as it moistens the hair and makes it easier to shave. I prefer warm water myself but hey, who knows:)

#3.Apply Aftershave.
My brother is the big one on this. He says to apply aftershave right after shaving as this gives a nice scent but it also helps to moisten your face. This keeps your face feeling soft and tends to keep in-grown hairs and stubborn hair at a minimum. J. is very much into the scented aftershave and he uses it after shaving every time!Shaving

So those are just some of the tips they gave me. I am sure you women know how hard it is to get men talking about what they use and why they use it so I had to help out a bit. Talk about difficult! :D Anyways, leave a comment below if you have a tip or you enjoyed reading their tips. Thanks!!

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